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International Holistic Life Sciences Institute

At International Holistic Life Sciences Institute, our vision is to enhance the public's health and make healthy living attainable for everyone, making better science available to all. Anyone who wants to study medicine, regardless of age, can have a channel to learn anytime, anywhere, and with very low tuition to enter this field. We also popularize the knowledge of fitness, health care, and self-healing for free and provide the public with lifelong learning and long-lasting benefit skills. By improving the public's health awareness and self-healing ability, we hope to reduce the pressure of the collapse of medical resources in the community. In addition, this institute provides students from all over the world who can earn a Master's degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine or Health Administration at a meager cost and have the opportunity to work in medical-related jobs in the United States or Canada.

IHLSI aims to introduce complementary, alternative healthcare by providing natural and herbal remedies, mind-body therapies, massage, exercise, and energy medicine. This knowledge and skills help people keep a healthy life. We also partner with other research institutes and universities in Asia to develop research projects and online courses in the following three main areas:

Oriental medicine: traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese pharmacy, acupuncture, etc.
Naturopathic medicine: meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tui Na, Yoga, diet regimen, herbs, etc.
Energy medicine: music therapy, natural physical therapy, spectrum therapy, homeopathy, etc.

Life without serving others is not life. We enrich lives and create futures by making online learning more engaging every day!

At IHLSI, our mission is to elevate life to its fullest potential through integral and holistic scientific approaches. Learners can attend various free classes with each class focusing on certain unique features and practical skills. Our courses have no scheduled class times, so students can enjoy them entirely on their schedule and make friends who have similar interests in the health care fields in our online community.

At the end of each term, we further provide students with the opportunities to attend hands-on workshops and overseas study tours specially designed for learners to get professional pieces of training.  Students have the chance to develop a professional product or service for their use or to sell it at our online store. These activities also offer students a field trip to visit the related industries to prepare themselves for the hot job market.



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